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Meet Thomasina

I am my S.H.E. Sistas' keeper!

Thomasina Millner

Educator, influencer, mentor innovator and motivational speaker

          Thomasina obtained her Master of Science in Management with a specialization in Interdisciplinary
Studies; she is currently a doctoral student and soon to be a doctoral candidate in Education Policy, Leadership and Management. Along with her experience in education, and passion to help others empower themselves to grow, Thomasina has created strategies to empower others to LIVE BOLDLY IN CHRIST. She has delivered workshops on educational strategies, virtual learning, professionalism, changing careers and many more. She has also served on various panels and committees promoting Success in Leadership.

          Thomasina has a special interest in empowering ladies both young and mature in learning their voice and utilizing it for their purpose in life. Rather than providing long drawn out webinars, Thomasina provides hands-on workshops with steps to self-inspire. She believes that your change must happen from within, which
maintains your drive to accomplish your Godly goals.  

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